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I feel so horrible because Emmett got hurt on our walk yesterday

I talked yesterday about how Emmett was really struggling yesterday, after returning from his Mom’s house.  Quite honestly, so was I because my nights have been filled with bad dreams and so even when I’m presented with the opportunity to sleep, I can’t. Anyway, one of the best ways to help my kids work through …

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My teen with #Autism shares 10 pictures he’s sketched (Series 2)

My 16 year old with #Autism wants to share some of his sketches with you (10 in all). Check them out and share it with anyone who might appreciate it as well. ☺

#Autism and Art: Gavin’s Artwork Series 1 of 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve had any artwork to share and I was thrilled when Gavin asked me to share the sketches he did in his sketchbook.  There’s 50 in total but I’m breaking them up into groups of 10 to make them a bit more manageable. These aren’t organized in any special way, other …

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Check out our after school adventure

The weather was beautiful today.  The sun was out and the temperature was in the high 50’s, which is still chilly but the sun makes it feel warmer. I took a nap in the morning because of the lack of sleep the night before.  After that I got some work done and did some partnership …

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Today was pretty quiet until it filled with the sounds of children melting down

Today was pretty quiet until it wasn’t.  Gavin talked my ear off for most of the morning and early afternoon (can you say manic) but it’s just one of those things. I’m able to tune 90% of it out and I know that sounds terrible but a Dad’s got to preserve a little sanity here …

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#Autism Parenting: I always try to foster my kids willingness to be helpful

There are times when my kids are feeling very helpful and times that they want nothing to do with helping. I always try to encourage them when they’re in the mood to be helpful. I feel as though it’s an opportunity to help them learn something new and it helps to build skills that will …

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AWESOME NEWS: I feel like a pretty awesome Dad tonight

It’s not very often that I can say this but today proved to be pretty awesome.  The boys and I had an amazing time this afternoon with my Mom.. ☺ We spent the morning at home and taking care of a couple errands that needed to be done.  The boys did great and I didn’t …

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#Autism Parenting: Fighting holiday fallout with family time

The days after a holiday can be tough for Autism family.  My family is not an exception to that rule.  In fact, I feel as though we are the poster child for after holiday fallout. Anyway, all of the boys were having a day filled with post-Easter fallout and while I was personally doing much …

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