There are few things tougher for a parent than watching their child suffer

For the most part, the boys had a really good day.  Emmett began struggling after group today for some reason. He had a really good time …

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I feel the only option left is homeschooling but that’s an absolutely horrible idea

There are a great many things weighing on me right now.  To be honest, I’m being crushed. 

A great deal has to do …

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I just don’t know what to do anymore

Mr. Emmett is running a fever again.  I really shouldn’t even use the word again because it honestly seems like running a fever is the status …

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Emmett’s likely in another fever flare and this one has been pretty bad

Right before dinner, Emmet clocked in at 103°F. I gave him Advil and that broke the fever for now.  I’ll have to see in the morning.. I …

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I’m completely lost and don’t know what to do

When Emmett came home from dinner with his Mom last night, I noticed that he felt warm.  I checked his temperature and he was just …

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Special Needs Parenting Challenges: Is it a fever flare or illness?

After today, I’m almost positive, Emmett’s experiencing a fever flare.  Unfortunately, this is a newer presentation because the symptoms have changed.

He’s back to actually running …

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