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We might be approaching the end of the road

This fever flare is driving me nuts. I know it’s worse for Emmett but I’m still having a really hard time getting him to eat anything. He’s had a bit of yogurt, some pudding and I just got him to eat some brown rice. The brown rice was a pretty… Read more »

Special Needs Parenting – What it feels like to watch your kids suffer

I’ve been working for almost a decade to help people better understand what Special Needs Parents go through. Whether it’s Autism, ADHD or even fragile health, there’s a story to be told and insight to be gained by reading it. Every family’s experience can and will be different. Even families… Read more »

Please keep Emmett in your thoughts and prayers

I mentioned that Emmett would be home from school today. The reason for that is rather bad fever flare. I’m pretty sure it started on Saturday because that when the physical symptoms began. At first, it was just one sore on the inside of his lip, but as of Sunday… Read more »

We might be staring down the barrel of another fever disorder?

As of this moment in time, Elliott is fever free. I’m not sure if he’s actually sick or not because he seems to run fevers (usually low grade but higher than Emmett) and not show any symptoms. This is where my sleep deprivation comes into play because it’s never really… Read more »

He just breaks down in tears 

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Emmett is very unpleasant today. He’s freaking out over every single thing that doesn’t go right. Any tiny imperfection is leading to a massive meltdown.  He’s still running a low grade fever, and is about waist deep inside of a fever flare.  Emmett is a difficult kid on a good… Read more »

Why lunch was a sensory nightmare

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Emmett’s still in the opening stretch of his current fever cycle, and he’s incredibly difficult to manage as a result. I’ve mentioned before that when he’s in a fever flare, many of his Autism related challenges are exacerbated.  Typically, the biggest challenge during the period of time the flare is… Read more »

Heartbreaking: Emmett had a really rough night

I didn’t write much yesterday because it was a rather trying day. Whenever I don’t publish at least three or four posts a day, it’s a safe bet that things aren’t going so well. Yesterday was full of challenges related to Emmett’s fever disorder. He was in a horrible mood… Read more »

Living in #meltdown Hell 

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It’s safe to say that we are officially inside a fever cycle. If you look at the image below, you can see Emmett’s temperatures over the last couple of weeks. We crossed over the 100°F threshold, that is typical of a fever flare. If that wasn’t evidence enough, his demeanor… Read more »

I know he’s miserable 

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Emmett is very clearly in a fever flare. He’s in a horrible place, and seems to have lost his ability to talk without screaming. He’s been screaming all morning.  I know he’s miserable, and I don’t blame him for any of this but it’s not easy to maintain the mindset,… Read more »

An unbelievably difficult afternoon 

It’s been a mixed bag this afternoon. Everyone is glad Mommy is home, but it’s also been a long weekend. Elliott’s doing well, but Emmett is really struggling.  I’m fairly certain that Emmett is entering into a fever cycle. I’ve been tracking his temperature over the last few days and… Read more »

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