Special Needs Parenting Challenges: Is it a fever flare or illness?

After today, I’m almost positive, Emmett’s experiencing a fever flare.  Unfortunately, this is a newer presentation because the symptoms have changed.

He’s back to actually running fevers and that’s not really been the case for a couple of years.  Actually, the fevers mostly stopped after he had his surgery, quite a few years ago.. The fact that the fevers are back, makes it extremely difficult to know whether he’s sick or not.

Either way, it keeps him out of school and therapies.

There seems to have been a trade-off here with what I’d describe as a trade in symptoms. It seems as though he’s traded the painful mouth sores for the fevers.

It really sucks that the fevers are back but the big upside for Emmett is that he’s not in any pain.  The mouth sores are extremely painful and they last around 10 days.  They interfere with him eating, talking and even sleeping.  So in a way, this change has a significant upside.

The major downside for me is that now it’s even more difficult to determine the difference between a fever flare and illness.

Most of these pictures are pulled from Lost and Tired but he hasn’t really had any problems since this blog took over.

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