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Pictures from Easter 2016

I just wanted to leave a real quick note and then share some pictures from Easter.   What began as a really rough morning for me, turned into a pretty decent day overall. The boys did great at Easter dinner and honestly, I don’t think I could have asked for better behavior. I pretty much …

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Family Time: I took the boys on an awesome hike today (pt2 with pictures)

In this 2nd half of my post, I’ll share some of the interesting and scary a things that took place during the second half of our hike. To see the original post, click here. This hike took us down part of the red track, along the train tracks, across 3 bridges, along side the Pro …

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Family Time: I took the boys on an awesome hike today (pt1 with pictures)

Click here for part 2 Being an Autism parent isn’t easy.  I’m pretty sure I’ve covered that many times already but in case you missed all those posts, Autism parenting isn’t easy.  Great, now we’re all on the same page, we can move forward.  ☺ I’ve learned over the years that while I can’t control …

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Just another day in #Autism Parenting paradise (check out the pictures)

The boys are all in bed now but Emmett’s not sleeping yet.  I’m finally able to relax enough to get some writing done and play catchup on a few things before I turn in for the night. If feel like today was pretty okay. The boys did awesome at school and had a blast at their …

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This #Autism family faced many challenges today but also a few smiles as well

There are so many daily challenges facing families like mine. I faced quite a few today myself but there’s an upside as well… Check it out…

Peek into our life and see how this #Autism family’s crazy ass day went (tons of pictures)

It’s been a really long day and I’m absolutely exhausted from it.  In anticipation of being this exhausted, I made sure to take lots of pictures throughout the day to help give you some insight into all that we experienced. Here’s the rundown from today… Gavin had therapy this morning and once again kicked ass. …

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The 33 Best Autism Memes of All Time

On days when things are really challenging, I really try to see the positive or at the very least, maintain a sense of humor. There are times when I read a quote or stumble across an Autism meme and it can really improve my mood.

With that in mind, I wanted to share the 33 best Autism memes of all time. That’s just me opinion anyway.

Here’s what a family therapy session looks like for myself and the boys

Today was a mishmash of many different things.  All the therapies from today were canceled as a result of Emmett’s fever.  Dr. Pattie is a bit different, and so we made it to that. She’s known Emmett since before he was born and understands about the fevers. I suppose the main focus of this post …

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