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If the #Autism community wants change, we need to lead by example

“……There’s a great deal of division based on things that really shouldn’t matter. Rather than working together for a common goal, all too often, we allow things like semantics, stances on vaccines, whether or not we should cure Autism, educational choices, dietary beliefs and general intolerance to create cracks in the foundation of our community……”

Why #Autism Awareness is still failing in 2016

This is why #Autism Awareness is failing in 2016 and what you can do to make a difference

Confessions of an #Autism parent: The 7 emotions I feel almost daily

I’m baring my soul here and sharing the emotions I experience on an almost daily basis

#Autism Parenting: Can You Handle The Truth?

If someone tells an Autism parent that they’re being too negative, who really has the problem?

The best way to spread Autism Awareness is also the easiest and least used approach

Have you ever wondered why we even need an Autism Awareness month? Could it be that our current approaches are ineffective at best? Read this if you would like to learn what the best way to spread Autism Awareness is, at least in my experience….

With #AutismAwareness month just around the corner, here’s a few important things to think about

It’s almost April and that’s #Autism Awareness month. I written a few things to keep in mind as we move forward into the month of April and beyond. I think we need to reevaluate how we use this time in the world’s eyes and make better use of the opportunity…. Here’s why…

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