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#Autism Community: We need to get over ourselves and our differences

Our community has a major problem that is impacting our ability to accomplish our goals. The goal I’m referring to in this post, centers around the most basic, fundamental task that we as members of the Autism community have undertaken.

Yes, my kids have #Autism and they drive me nuts sometimes

“There’s some kind of unwritten law that says if you have a child with special needs, you can never run out of patience or admit they drive you crazy. That unwritten law is totally bullshit and I’m gonna tell you why.”

#Autism: It’s the same but different

Please read and share this very brief but extremely important #Autism Awareness message

The top 20 requirements for being an #Autism parent

Recently I began wondering what the job description of an Autism parent might look like. Below are 20 of the most important requirements that I can think of. Please add anything missing to the comments below the original post. ☺

Being a Dad isn’t easy

Anyone who says that being a Dad is easy, probably doesn’t have any kids of their own……..

12 things this #Autism Parent will no longer apologize or feel guilty for

Please read and pass this along. As an #Autism Parent, here’s 12 things I will no longer apologize or feel guilty for and I encourage you all to do the same…. ☺

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