The Autism Dad Origin Story

As I’m slowly rebuilding my readership, traffic and reach on this new blogging journey, I thought it would be helpful to share why write about my life. 

It’s new information for some and a reminder for others. 

If you’ve been a reader since Lost and Tired, there have been some changes but my writing should still be largely recognizable. 

Part of me hated to walk away from what I’d built with Lost and Tired over the past 6 years but part of me feels a sense of relief and excitement. Lost and Tired was the real life story of two parents raising three special needs kids. 


It was raw, gritty but beautiful and inspiring at the same time.

So many people felt a connection because I shared things in a way that was very honest, transparent and relatable. That earned me some 80,000,000 hits over the last 6 years which is pretty impressive for a niche blog like mine. 

Sadly, since last year, the boys and I were sorta thrust into a new journey that would changed everything for the rest of our lives.

When my wife walked away in October of 2014, the Lost and Tired journey met with what would be at the very least, a detour. I was grieving, the boys were grieving and what was left of our lives, was shattered into a million, almost unrecognizable pieces. 

That sudden detour took me away from just raising three kids with special needs and placed me square in the middle of the most traumatizing experience their young lives. 

How could we continue living our lives until be started to rebuild them first? 

The detour took us much farther away from our original path than I could have predicted and eventually we reach a fork in the road. 

Rather than continue the Lost and Tired journey, I decided that it was time to let the past be just that, the past. Our journey has taken a new direction and one that will with any luck, be a more positive and inspiring story to share. 

The Autism Dad is in many ways, the continuing journey of the Lost and Tired family, with one very significant difference.  I’m now a full time single Dad, raising my three special needs boys on my own. 

I will be divorced in the very near future and my wife, the boy’s mother, no longer plays an active role in their lives. The boys have a rather tenuous relationship with her now. They only see her for two over night stays and two weeknight dinners per month. It amounts to a little of 48 hours total and that’s it. 

It’s fair to me or the boys and it’s from perfect. I won’t even pretend it’s healthy at this point but it’s completely out of my control. 

I won’t be discussing the details of the how’s and why’s because I need to protect my kids from knowledge they don’t need to gain at this point I their lives. 

The Autism Dad blog will feature the stories of both myself and the boys as we take on this new journey together. My goal is to be as positive as I can be but not at the expense of truthfulness and reality. 

Some people tend to only see the negative things I write about but they’re  missing the bigger picture. Those of you out there that live the special needs parenting life will easily be able to relate and even find comfort in reading our story because you will learn that you are not alone. 

I try too say the things that need to be said and I don’t like sugar coating the truth in order for other people to feel more comfortable with my life. If you’re uncomfortable or depressed by simply reading about our journey, be grateful you can simply stop reading and go back your own life. 

I look forward to getting to know all the new people and reconnecting  with existing reader base. You are all greatly appreciated, respected and thought about. If I can ever be of any help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 😀

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