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3 tips guaranteed to make you a better #Autism parent

Are you new to Autism Parenting? Here are 3 tips that will help you become the best #Autism Parent you can be.

Do I have less patience now?

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Gavin had therapy tonight and one of the things that I mentioned to the therapist is that I just don’t have patience for Gavin anymore. We discussed that briefly before something occurred to me. Perhaps this is a philosophical question but it’s something I think Special Needs parents should keep… Read more »

How a tiny brown bat helped me teach my kids a valuable life lesson

We had a pretty good day in our little corner of the world. The boys went to a cookout with Lizze’s parents, Lizze rested because of a really bad migraine and I hung out with Gavin. This whole thing with Gavin sucks but we’re making the best of it. In… Read more »

The #1 thing all #Autism Parents worry about and it’s not what you think

Over the last decade, I’ve put a great deal of focus on the fact that all people touch by Autism are unique and not cookie cutter copies of each other. I also stressed the same applies to Autism families as well because no two are exactly the same. Both of… Read more »

The #1 reason I’m so angry tonight

I’m trying to do many things right now and one of them is fight off my anger. I think one of the reasons I do as well as I do under all this constant stress is that I don’t get angry. I really don’t get angry, and if I do,… Read more »

The worst thing that 1 #Autism parent can do to another

I’ve been a voice in the Autism community for almost a decade. People have gravitated to me because I say what they’re thinking without them having to say it. I don’t judge those with differing opinions and I never force my views on anyone else. I love taking the pulse… Read more »

The #1 most important thing we need to balance as #Autism parents and it’s not what you think

One of the more difficult things an Autism family can deal with is going out in public. This has nothing to do with shame or being embarrassed. It has to do with not expecting more from a child then they are capable of. Kids and adults with Autism can often… Read more »

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