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Why am I so exhausted? I’m an #Autism parent, that’s why

Going into this post, it’s important to know that I’m frustrated and trying to make a point about why Autism parents, like myself are so exhausted all the time. Every time I’m asked why I’m so exhausted, it’s a reminder how little people understand the challenges I face as an… Read more »

I’m a freshwater fish in a saltwater tank

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I found myself really frustrated today and I’m not entirely sure why. Most of the time, I’m the odd man out in our house filled with Autism and truthfully, that can be difficult for me at times. It’s like everyone around me is operating on the same operating system and… Read more »

As a general rule, I don’t apologize for any of my kids with #Autism but this is one exception

I mentioned in a previous post that something happened yesterday while at Gavin’s hematology appointment. Akron Children’s Hospital was great, they always are. You have to understand something before we go any further. This appointment took place where Gavin used to receive his IVIG infusions. We’re very familiar with this… Read more »

Getting help for #mentalillness is NOT weakness

I’ve been very open about my struggles with mental illness and I’ll continue to be that way. There’s absolutely no shame is struggling with mental illness. Getting help for mental illness is also not a sign of weakness. It’s 2018 for God’s sake, you’d think this would be more easily… Read more »

There are times I feel like quiting but this is why I don’t

Life is hard sometimes. I think most humans would agree with that. We all have limitations and life likes to test those. As an Autism parent, life and sometimes feel impossible. Between the therapies, appointments, meltdowns, sleep deprivation and countless other things, it’s easy to become so overwhelmed that quiting… Read more »

It’s not about changing our kids with #Autism because we don’t except them for who they are

There’s been some discussions lately on my Twitter feed about whether or not you should be putting your child with Autism into any type of therapy. What I’m seeing is parents trying to help their kids and adults with Autism seeming not agreeing with it. I understand the longstanding debate… Read more »

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