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This isn’t pretty or positive but it’s the truth and that has to count for something

I’m not sharing this because I want people to feel sorry for me. I trying to provide context and perspective for my readers.

A few reasons why I think the word “normal” gets a bad rap and why needing feel normal is okay

In those moments, we’re not worried about appointments, money, meds, meltdowns or anything else related to being an Autism and Special Needs parent.

How the kids having a rough morning can be viewed in a positive light by #Autism parents

The boys got off to school with relative ease. It’s important to understand the relative ease part means that all things considered, it could have been worse. Frankly, any morning we can walk away from in one piece is victory. I wanted to take a minute and help provide some insight into the above paragraph …

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Lighting the way for parents facing similar struggles

I’m really trying to keep up with writing. When I first started, almost 10 years ago, you could literally follow us along our journey because I wrote constantly. I don’t do that so much anymore but I’m trying to find a middle ground between exhaustion, helping others, my need to write and my readers desire …

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My wife and I separated 4 years ago today – we learned things the hard way but you don’t have to

October 14, 2014 was one of the hardest, most painful days of my life. It was the day my wife and I separated. During that time, life was unbelievably difficult for everyone, especially the kids. We very much made it a point to do right by the kids and make sure they were never put …

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I know it can be depressing to read my #Autism parenting story but after you finish reading, I’ll still be living it

Being an Autism Parent is like riding the scariest wooden roller-coaster you can possibly imagine. There are often no brakes and that means you can’t get off the ride because it never stops. In many cases, the ride doesn’t stop until the day you die. I know it can often be depressing to read about …

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