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Emmett’s teacher told me the most amazing thing today

This will be quick because I’m going to bed but I wanted to share this first. When I picked up the boys from school this afternoon, one of Emmett’s teachers came out to talk to me for a minute before dismissal. She wanted to me to know how much they… Read more »

A MAJOR Victory flew under the radar yesterday

Yesterday was a rather challenging day for me personally, but I muddled my way through it. In all the frustration, stress and otherwise chaotic events of yesterday, something didn’t get mentioned that should have. For years we’ve struggled with Elliott and homework. It didn’t matter what it was or how… Read more »

School awards have been received and I’m a proud Daddy

The boys have just finished up the first nine weeks grading period and dispite missing what the State of Ohio views as an excessive amount to days (due to out wish trip and illness), the boys are kicking ass and taking names. Check out all the awards they’ve received so… Read more »

Here’s the verdict from the first day of school

I’m greatly relieved to be able to share that the boys first day of school was an overwhelming success. All of the kids that were a problem last year for Elliott, are no longer attending. This is amazing news for Elliott and anyone else that was troubled by this last… Read more »

It’s a really big day for our #Autism family

I’m really looking forward to today. Not only is this the last day of the second to last day of school, but it’s martial arts promotion. Both Elliott and Emmett have been anxiously awaiting today.  This is always a really cool experience, except it’s unbearably hot in the dojo, and… Read more »

Check out Emmett’s report for school

Emmett has been getting these assignments from school that are similar to esay questions. This particular assignment had Emmett answering the following question.  Would you rather play outside in the snow or stay inside and drink hot chocolate?  His teacher basically wanted to know if he’d play in the snow… Read more »