Day 2 of being back in the classroom

I just picked up Emmett from school today and his second day back has been a resounding success. He's so excited and I feel so good right now because after focusing so long on his physical safety, I can finally doing something positive for his emotional health as well. Everything went well for him today and he's anxious to return. Tomorrow will be state testing again, as well as the last day of the school week. He'll return on Monday for regular in person learning. Assuming nothing changes dramatically with COVID, he should be able to finish out the school year. I'm so grateful for all the love and support as he ventures back into the classroom. Unfortunately, Elliott doesn't have the same opportunity but he will be back at…


Emmett’s teacher told me the most amazing thing today

This will be quick because I'm going to bed but I wanted to share this first. When I picked up the boys from school this afternoon, one of Emmett's teachers came out to talk to me for a minute before dismissal. She wanted to me to know how much they love having Emmett in their class. She went on and on about how he's such an amazing role model for his classmates. Apparently, he's even tutoring some of the kids in his class. He was given a chance to go outside and play but instead chose to stay in and help some of his classmates. ☺ That's such an awesome thing to hear about one of my kids. We already know that our kids are amazing but it's nice to…


A MAJOR Victory flew under the radar yesterday

Yesterday was a rather challenging day for me personally, but I muddled my way through it. In all the frustration, stress and otherwise chaotic events of yesterday, something didn't get mentioned that should have. For years we've struggled with Elliott and homework. It didn't matter what it was or how much he had, it was a nightmare. There were plenty of times I was hanging on by a thread because the whole homework thing was too much. I don't know what happened or when it actually began but Elliott's attitude towards homework has changed. He does his homework right away and without issue. In fact, lately he's been working on his homework on the way home from school, like you see in the picture above. This deserves to be mentioned…


Here’s the verdict from the first day of school

I'm greatly relieved to be able to share that the boys first day of school was an overwhelming success. All of the kids that were a problem last year for Elliott, are no longer attending. This is amazing news for Elliott and anyone else that was troubled by this last year. ☺  Both Elliott and Emmett like their new classrooms, teachers and classmates.  There might even be hope for them eating the school breakfast, as the food has changed this year and is supposed to be much better.  Best of all, not one person said anything to Elliott about his backpack.  We clearly got off to a rough start but I'm thrilled with the way it all played out. I'm hoping that tomorrow is just as good, but with a…


It’s a really big day for our #Autism family

I'm really looking forward to today. Not only is this the last day of the second to last day of school, but it's martial arts promotion. Both Elliott and Emmett have been anxiously awaiting today.  This is always a really cool experience, except it's unbearably hot in the dojo, and there are a lot of heavy, heavy smokers. Obviously, no one's smoking inside but you can still smell it, and it's horrible.  Aside from that, the only downside is that Elliott's promotion is first thing in the morning and Emmett's is towards the end of the day.  Typically, they have always been one after the other. This time however, there's roughly four hours between them. I guess we will have to go home and grab lunch or something. 😁  Anyway,…


Check out Emmett’s report for school

Emmett has been getting these assignments from school that are similar to esay questions. This particular assignment had Emmett answering the following question.  Would you rather play outside in the snow or stay inside and drink hot chocolate?  His teacher basically wanted to know if he'd play in the snow or stay inside and do something else. The idea is to get the kids familiar with writing basic paragraphs.  The kids are allowed to type the paragraph and email it because that's teaching them to utilize technology, as well as learn to use Microsoft Word.  Below is his paragraph.  I would stay inside and play with my ferret Fat Tiny instead of playing in the snow. I like to play with Fat Tiny because she’s fat, fuzzy and warm.  I…


1 MAJOR reason I’m so proud of Elliott today

I'm super proud of Elliott this week for a number of reasons but I'm just going to focus on the one for now.  Doing homework hasn't always been a pleasant experience for Elliott or us, as his parents.  Recently though, it seems as though we've made some significant progress towards making homework a more manageable experience for all involved.  In regards to this week in particular, Elliott has totally kicked ass on his homework.  When it's time to work on it, he sits down and for the most part, does it without any problems.  This is such a positive change and I'm really proud of him for making the choice to tackle homework, rather than fight against it.