Here’s the verdict from the first day of school

I’m greatly relieved to be able to share that the boys first day of school was an overwhelming success. All of the kids that were a problem last year for Elliott, are no longer attending. This is amazing news for Elliott and anyone else that was troubled by this last year. ☺ 

Both Elliott and Emmett like their new classrooms, teachers and classmates. 

There might even be hope for them eating the school breakfast, as the food has changed this year and is supposed to be much better. 

Best of all, not one person said anything to Elliott about his backpack. 

We clearly got off to a rough start but I’m thrilled with the way it all played out. I’m hoping that tomorrow is just as good, but with a better start to the day. 

Read This  I thought this might be a useful tool to help your kids with #Autism 

I’m so proud of my guys. They did so well and as long as we can work through some of these sensory issues with Emmett, it looks very promising. ☺