The heartbreaking reason I support and so should you

The heartbreaking reason I support and so should you

As many of you know, on September 29th, 2017, my oldest son Gavin had his wish granted by an amazing organization called Wishes Can Happen out of Stark Country Ohio. Gavin has life-threatening health conditions and they granted his greatest wish, to visit Legoland in Florida.

Click here to read all about our trip to Florida by clicking here.

Every year, Wishes Can Happen has a fundraiser to raise money in order to grant more wishes for more kids with terminal or life-threatening health conditions.

Sharing our heartbreaking story played a small role in Wishes Can Happen raising $213,946.00 over the 2 day Wish-A-Thon. That’s enough to grant for than 40 wishes over the next year. I barely made it through the interview because talking about what Gavin goes through, crushes me. Emmett came with me and ended up really helping me to stay as strong as I could.

If you’re looking to donate to a truly worthwhile cause, please consider donating to Wishes Can Happen. Giving a family like mine a chance to make memories like this is something that has such a tremendous impact.

Donate at in Gavin’s Gorski’s name. Doing so in his name will help him to play a role in giving back to an organization that changed his life.

You can donate all year round, so whenever you read this, it’s a perfect time. ☺

The video below is the video containing the audio of the interview with Mix 94.1 from August 10, 2018. I’ve been told it can be very emotional to listen to but is family friendly and work appropriate. Please consider sharing this post and helping me spread the word about the amazing work Wishes Can Happen is doing for kids like Gavin, with terminal or life-threatening health conditions.

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