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This isn’t good

I spoke previously about Gavin changing the way he takes his medication. I also shared how we suspect that the voices in his head are the ones telling him to do this because it wasn’t us (see As if life wasn’t already hard enough, it seems the voices are back). We’re seeing further evidence that …

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As if life wasn’t already hard enough, it seems the voices are back

Last night, Gavin came downstairs after being in bed for a couple of hours, mumbling something about a glass of water and claiming to be wheezing. He was heavily sedated and that’s not necessarily normal for him. With no changes having been made to his meds, there shouldn’t be any change to the way they …

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I’m getting sick again

Today’s been rough for me because I’ve been getting sick again. By sick, I simply mean very nauseated when I eat and unfortunately, I still have to eat. This has only been a problem since discontinuing Paxil in January. While today sucked, my days do seem to be getting better. I just wrote a post …

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If you worry about #Autism related wandering, we can help

Over the years, there have been a few areas in regards to Autism parenting, that have really become personal for me. Wandering is among the most important of them. As a father of 3 boys with Autism, I count myself truly lucky that we haven’t had to deal with wandering, any more than we have. …

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My plans for the day have been scuttled

Unfortunately, my original plans for the day have been scuttled. I ended up getting sick after eating breakfast and it really kicked in while I was waiting for Gavin to have his bloodwork done. I made it home and went to bed for a little while. I woke up just in time to answer a …

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Way to go Gavin

I’m sitting in the car, waiting for Gavin to have his blood work done again. As I’m sitting here pondering life, I’m reminded of just how far Gavin has come. Up until about five years ago, the idea of Gavin needing bloodwork would send shivers down my spine. The reason for that is because until …

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