We’re 3 steps closer to having Gavin’s greatest wish granted

I was able to make some progress in my quest to get ready for Gavin’s Wish granting trip to Florida at the end of the month. Aside from packing, making needed purchases and planning the physical drive, we have quite a few other things that need to be addressed before we leave.

One of those things has to do with the rental car.

I checked with my insurance agent and they told me not to take the extra insurance from the rental car agency. I have a rider on my policy that does the exact same thing and it’s significantly cheaper.

One of the biggest things we had to get figured out in order to actually leave was what we were going to do with Maggie.

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We found a kennel that seems absolutely awesome. It’s going to cost about $300 for the entire time we’re gone. Maggie’s spot is reserved and we’re going to drop her off the day before we leave and pick her up the day after we get back.

Lizze was able to get Maggie into the vet for the shots she’s needs before she can be boarded. That will be done on the week we are supposed to leave. It’s only going to be be about $65 and that’s not too bad.

This kennel sounds amazing, has great reviews and comes highly recommended by our vet.

We still have a ton of things to get ready but not being able to board Maggie would have been a major problem.

We are three steps closer to being ready to leave in a few weeks. ☺

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