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Anxiously awaiting Gavin’s test results

I just left a message with Gavin’s Gastroenterologist at Akron Children’s Hospital. We’re supposed to call towards the end of this week to get the results of Gavin’s labs from last week. We’re looking for his ANC or Absolute Neutrophil Count. If his numbers are high enough, they will schedule the testing that needs to …

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I slept through the night

I actually slept pretty good last night. For the last week or so, I’ve been struggling to sleep. I’m not sure what the deal is but bedtime has been rough. I feel great this morning and I’ll probably try to sneak a workout in. There isn’t anything that we really have to do today and …

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Major Update: The State of my Depression

It’s been awhile since I opened up about my Depression and how I’m doing since discontinuing Paxil. It’s been six months since I began the process of weaning off of Paxil. I never imagined it would as bad as it has been. No one ever warned me that Paxil.has such serious withdrawal symptoms for some …

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I’m back and here’s the deal

I’ve finally everything up and running. Things are looking good on my end and I’ve converted everything (except my email) over to .org. I just wanted to drop a line, share that everything is finally done and that included Facebook everything. Please remember to click the Like/Share button when you read a post, I’ve got …

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We’ve had a very #Autism family kinda day

We’ve had a very Autism family kinda day. Between sensory issues, meltdowns and difficulties communicating, we had an eventful/stressful day. That being said, Lizze and I both voted today, which was eventful but rewarding. You can read about that here. Therapy went well tonight and while it was cut short due to a scheduling issue, …

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Awesome news

I’ve spent the last 15 hours rebuilding the server from the ground up. The main reason for doing this was because with theautismdad.com permanently banned On Facebook, there too many things broken as a result. For example, logging into the site with Facebook was impossible, as was a few other behind the scenes things tied …

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