7 reason I know Emmett’s in a fever cycle

As the morning goes on, it's become very clear that Emmett is in a new fever cycle. He's a little tyrant today, and isn't super pleasant to be around. This, taken with all the other symptoms he's presenting with, makes it very clear this is a fever cycle.  Unfortunately, he's supposed to be at the dentist in the morning, and he keeps missing these because of fever cycles.  In review, here are the symptoms he experiences during a fever cycle: Painful mouth sores Fever Not eating  Not sleeping Very moody Very aggressive Joint pain


Emmett’s school year might be cut short

We received a call from Lizze's Mom because Emmett was complaining of a sore throat. I think he was possibly looking to come home, but they were able to redirect him and he decided to stay, from what I understand.  For the last few days, I've been monitoring his temperature. I have a bad feeling, and I think he may be hitting another fever cycle. His joints have been hot and he's been acting a little funny.  If he is entering into a new fever cycle, he will very likely miss the rest of the school year.  I'm concerned because if this does prove true, these cycles are very close together, and the sore throat is a new symptom.  I'm really hoping that he feels better in the morning... 


Good News – Painful News

Both boys are home from school today, but they are doing better. I'm feeling pretty optimistic that they will be returning to school tomorrow.  Emmett been working in his makeup work and Elliott has been resting.  Gavin is doing good and currently sleeping off his morning meds. The only thing on the agenda today is getting Gavin's bloodwork done. We decided to wait until this afternoon, because Lizze needs bloodwork done as well and this way, we can kill two birds with one stone.  As for me, I'm feeling much better. My only real limitation today is my back. I just have slept funny or something because my back is out. For the Lost part, I'm okay if I'm standing perfectly straight. Sitting or lying down really hurts. Trying to…

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I’m ready to quit the school year and here’s why

Here's a super quick update before I go to bed.  As of midnight, I haven't a clue as to whether or not either of the boys will be in school. I've got Elliott with a fever and Emmett with worsening mouth sores, but no fever.  When I say his mouth sores are getting worse, I'm referring to the fact that they have gone from being on his tongue and throat, to his cheeks, lips and gums. He may not be running a fever but he's in a great deal of pain.  To make things worse for poor Emmett, some of these sores are constantly brushing up against his teeth.  Gavin went to bed not feeling well. He has a low grade fever, and an upset stomach. Lizze's Mom pointed out…


We’re dropping like flies 

I woke up this morning with a fever. It wasn't too bad but it was 102°F and that usually means I'm fighting something off. I still had my headache from last night, and on the only day I was able to sleep in, my headache woke me up at 6 AM.  Fast forward to this afternoon, and the boys came home. Elliott want feeling well and sure enough, he has a fever now as well.  On a positive note, Emmett seems to be fever free. He's 99.5°F,which isn't a fever medically speaking, but that is the temperature the school sends them home from school. We're so close to getting Emmett back to school, I can taste it.  Elliott on the other hand, will be home tomorrow.  I'm not sure about…


Why I’m not asleep at 3 AM

Lizze and I had a quiet evening tonight. Her parents ended up taking the boys, and that worked out well because I feel like shit. I'm not sure what's going on, but I just don't feel well.  My stomach is upset and my head hurts. I fell asleep on the couch for awhile but it's now 3 AM and I can't fall asleep again. I don't know if this is a stomach bug or if it's the culmination of stress from the past week or so. It doesn't really matter because the end result is the same.  I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight and be feeling better in the morning. It's really important to me that I at least make it to my parents reception around lunch time.  It…


The struggle is real and so is the toll

I just woke up from a four hour nap. I feel a bit better but I'm far from being back in my feet. This week has taken so much out of me, but it's also been an unusual week and on that hopefully won't be repeated anytime soon.  The fever disorder that Emmett struggles with has interfered with so much of his life already. It seems to literally dictated a large portion of it thus far, and that's not fair to Emmett.  When these happen during the school year, it's far more distressing than having this happen during the summer.  While I'm caring for Emmett while he's in a fever cycle, I'm not physically experiencing it myself. With that being said, I'm so exhausted from playing my part, I feel…

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Barely surviving the worst fever cycle ever

We've made it to the end of the week, and what a week it's been.  This week has brought with it a few firsts, and they have proven to be very challenging. Emmett began and is still inside of his worst fever cycle ever. We're at the seven day mark and he's still running enough of a fever to keep him out of school.  I really don't know when this cycle is going to stop, but they historically last about ten days. Having said that, there have been a few over the years that lasted every bit of twenty one days.  Lizze and I both love Emmett but we need him to go back to school.  I'm burnt the fuck out, and need a day or two without a kid…