Tag: Primary Immunodeficiency

I’ve officially applied to Make A Wish for my son

At 2 am this morning, I was unable to sleep. I’ve got many things on my mind and I couldn’t shutdown. One of those things weighing heavy was this whole Make-A-Wish thing for Gavin. I began the process after Gavin’s immunologist suggested we apply last year. The process halted for… Read more »

He’s getting worse and I can’t hide from that truth anymore

It’s becoming more and more difficult to pretend that Gavin’s not getting worse. I know he’s never going to get better, and that’s something both my wife and me have come to accept over the years. While I’ve accepted that fact, it’s not that cut and dry. Gavin’s in an… Read more »

It’s been a stressful #Autism Parenting day

Very little has gone right today, at least that’s how it feels as I’m ending the day. The boys have each had their struggles, but Elliott had a great day at school and did his homework right away when he got home. ☺ Emmett on the other hand, was a… Read more »

Our day in pictures because I’m too tired to use words

It’s been a really long day and I have quite a bit to share but I’m exhausted. I’m going to get you all caught up in the morning and explain how the boy’s appointments went today.  For now, I’ll leave you with the photo gallery from our adventures in immunology… Read more »