He’s getting worse and I can’t hide from that truth anymore

It’s becoming more and more difficult to pretend that Gavin’s not getting worse. I know he’s never going to get better, and that’s something both my wife and me have come to accept over the years.

While I’ve accepted that fact, it’s not that cut and dry.

Gavin’s in an almost constant state of decompensation. Sometimes it’s a slower process, and harder to pick up on, while other times, it’s pretty rapid. One of the main issues revolves around his memory.

I tend to want to rationalize it by saying something like, he’s just having a bad day or everyone forgets things. The truth is, it’s not normal to forget things like Gavin does. It’s not normal and it’s not a good.

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Here’s the latest example of what I mean.

For about the last year, Gavin and I have been working on a little project that we’re going to share, sometime after July 4th of this year. We’ve been saving all his IVIG infusion vials since July 4th of last year. The idea is to show what goes into managing something like Primary Immunodeficiency over the course of one year.

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