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Elliott is now being treated for #whoopingcough and we’re waiting for the test results

Whooping Cough is a very serious respiratory illness and I simply don’t understand how antivaccine people blow this off like it’s not a big deal. I can assure you, if you’ve ever been around someone, especially a child with Whooping Cough, you’ll be so grateful there’s a vaccine.

Emmett is scared to death he has #whoopingcough and here’s how we’re handling it

We’ve been very careful what we said around Emmett but he looked it up himself and that has him terrified. At that point, we felt it best to be very honest with him about what Whooping Cough is.

Emmett’s pediatrician has decided how to handle his exposure to #whoopingcough

What makes this particular situation an exception to that rule is that Emmett had direct exposure to someone with Whooping Cough and we have someone in the home with a compromised immune system.

My youngest has been directly exposed to #whoopingcough and now we have some serious concerns

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about already. I think I actually titled a post that the other day. I’ve been doing this a lot lately, but I’m going to cut to the chase because surprise surprise, I’m exhausted. Emmett is supposed to go to the eye doctor tomorrow. You may recall that …

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