Once again, Sensory Processing issues interfere with life

These sensory issues are absolutely killing me as a parent and I’m not even the one having to physically experience them. I can’t image what it’s like for Emmett. 

We tried and tried to help Emmett work through his sensitivity to anything on his feet but we were unable to make it happen this morning. 

It’s extremely frustrating for Lizze and I as parents because we know that he needs to be at school. It’s even more frustrating for Emmett because he wants to be at school but his body is making that very, very difficult for him. 

We were somewhat pressed for time this morning because we were already late, Elliott needed to get to school and Gavin needed to have his bloodwork done first thing. 

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The bottom line is that Emmett didn’t make it to school today. 

When I dropped Elliott off, I spoke with the school and no one’s overly concerned about him missing right now because this isn’t something anyone has any control over. 

Academically he so far ahead, these misses don’t impact him one way or the other. There’s no social concerns either. 

Having said that, this is still an obvious problem and in the back of my mind, I’m worried about things like truancy or how he’s going to manage this when he gets older. 

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