When good news is heartbreaking 

I wanted to share some insight into what it’s like to be heartbroken by good news. I know that sounds weird but let me explain. 

On Tuesday, we were informed that Gavin has graduated from speech therapy. He had brought his scores up in several areas and he no longer fit the criteria that would enable him to continue. 

On the surface that sounds like amazing news and in some ways it is. Gavin’s worked very hard to make some of these improvements and we’re proud of him.

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The heartbreak comes when you see beneath the surface and understand what this graduation really amounts to.

The reality that my wife and I face is that we’re so happy and proud of Gavin for doing so well in speech. On the flip side of the coin, we also know that the reason he’s not continuing is because they can’t fix what’s not working right. 

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A huge challenge that Gavin faces is in regards to physically articulating words. It’s very, very difficult to understand the words coming out of his mouth and there’s nothing they can do to help. 

As a parent who sees this for what it really is, it’s heartbreaking because he’s leaving speech under the guise of graduating but what it really means is that they can no longer treat him because it will be of zero benefit. 

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Lizze and I both know the truth and it’s heartbreaking. We play it up for Gavin because he’s so proud of himself for graduating. We’re proud of him as well. 

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