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Emmett’s gone from bad to worse 

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Tonight has not gone well. Emmett has gotten really sick. His fever has come back, and his throat still hurts.  At bedtime, Emmett complained of nausea. We helped him fall asleep, and he was out for about two hours. Around 10pm, Emmett puked all over his bed, and his bed… Read more »

This is NOT a good thing

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Mr. Emmett woke up this morning, not feeling well. He was complaining of a sore throat, but that was it. As the day progressed, so did whatever he has going on.  A few minutes ago, he spike a really high fever.  At this point in time, we aren’t sure what’s… Read more »

How I saved my sanity and calmed our #Autism house

Lizze and I took the boys to the park this evening. It had been a stressful day for a number of reasons, and I wanted to steer the car back onto the road.  We all had fun. Emmett caught Pokémon, and Elliott was doing something on his tablet. Elliott was… Read more »

Why a #meltdown kept my son home from school today

Emmett was in rare form this morning. He began melting down the moment he woke up. I’d say he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but I don’t think it was that simple.  I’ve spoken many times about my understanding of Emmett and meltdowns.  Emmett is extremely… Read more »

Opinions Wanted: Should our kids with #Autism be forced to conform? 

I’m really looking for the communities input for this discussion, because this is a rather sensitive topic, but one that needs to be discussed.  Should we force our kids with Autism to conform to the world around them? Should we allow our kids with Autism to simply be who they… Read more »

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