How I saved my sanity and calmed our #Autism house

Lizze and I took the boys to the park this evening. It had been a stressful day for a number of reasons, and I wanted to steer the car back onto the road. 

We all had fun. Emmett caught Pokémon, and Elliott was doing something on his tablet. Elliott was enjoying sitting on the bench in the garden. It was a tranquil moment for him, and while I’d of preferred no tablets, I was happy to see them happy. 

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Gavin went straight to his favorite spot and sat down. He loves these big rocks above a small waterfall. 

While keeping a close eye on the boys, I got to spend some time doing one of my favorite things, aside from writing. I love taking pictures, especially nature related. 

At some point, Lizze and I want to get a decent camera. Maybe even take some photography classes. 

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Anyway, it was a nice ending to the day. Things like this are very calming for the boys and that’s why we try to do this as frequently as possible. 

Below is a galley of some pictures I took while we were there. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.. ☺ 


  1. Taking the kids to the garden center is something that can be very calming for them. It’s usually quiet and free of large numbers of people. It doesn’t always help but it’s my goto, when I want to change the course of our day.

    Anyone else have something like this that can help calm their kids?

  2. reBECCA

    If we cannot get outside to a peaceful place, I will diffuse lavender, jasmine and Ylang ylang oils for a bit. Or the agitated person takes an Epsom salt bath. WE have some wonderful parks out here with lots of space to ride bikes/scooters/work out equipment for adults, and lots of playground things.

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