We have serious rules when spending time outside in our neighborhood

The boys and I spent some time outside this afternoon, cleaning up the yard. The neighborhood has been relatively quiet recently and so we felt comfortable enough to do this.

We do have to have some serious rules in place, when it comes to being outside in our neighborhood. If I say that get in the house, they do so immediately and without question. We have also told them to never talk to anyone who approaches the yard unless it’s one of our neighbors or the police.

This was important today because we had a know addict approach us twice for money. After awhile, we get to know the faces of the people looking for money to score drugs. Sometimes we see them get arrested and other times, they flat out ask for drug money. I admire the honestly but no….

Usually, Maggie is a good enough deterrent to keep the riff-raff. Again, this isn’t about judging anyone. This is about safety issues.

Anyway, our goal is to get enough of the fall and winter debris cleaned up so we can begin having residential cooking fires. We have a great deal of old, dry wood we need to get rid of and the kids love cooking hotdogs over a bonfire.

It’s kind of a win win.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Todd Sensing, CFA

At our first neighborhood meetings as the “new folks in town” we told them about our 2 boys (both with ASD) and talked about what autism was (many didn’t know) and asked everyone to keep an eye out. Our younger son used to wander a good bit, and even with alarms on the doors and constant watching, he would get out and end up down the street. Luckily, we haven’t had too many “Shawshank” escapes, but when it has happened, our neighbors quickly stepped in to help. It’s always a journey as an autism parent, isn’t it? Nice post! Cheers!

Rob Gorski

That’s a really good idea, especially for people new to a neighborhood. I was just writing about wandering last night and what people don’t get is that no matter how closely you watch them, if they want to get out, they’ll find a way to get out.

I’m glad you haven’t had too many Shawshank escapes..

It’s really nice to meet you. . ☺

Todd Sensing, CFA

Nice to meet you as well, Rob. And you’re right-if they want to get out-they’ll find a way.