Guess what we celebrated today

I just wanted to share something we celebrated today. I get that some people might not get the significance of this but it’s pretty significant to us.

I’ll briefly explain why we find this a reason to celebrate. ☺

Once upon a time, Gavin used to really enjoy drawing pictures. I would always take pictures of them to share here on the blog. He used to get a huge kick out of reading everyone’s supportive comments and encouraging words.

As Gavin’s daily struggles began to interfere with more and more of his life, he slowly began to stop drawing or sketching.

It’s been forever since he sat down and drew a picture of anything.

Out of nowhere this morning he asked me for paper because he wanted to draw a picture. I wasn’t getting my hopes up because it’s been a really long time and I was sad to see him stop drawing.

Anyway, about an hour or so after asking for paper, he came down the stairs and proudly displayed a new masterpiece. ☺

I’m super stoked to be able to share this with you folks.

  • BeckyW says:

    It’s a great picture!

  • Diane says:

    Great picture!

  • Lynda Mayol says:

    Great job Gavin! Hope you continue with your drawing. You do have a special talent 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Relish Hendy Relish Hendy says:

    WOW! guys this is totally awesome! I’ve got happy tears X
    My son didn’t draw for over a year, and…

  • That is huge! Yes, you should celebrate! Did you find out why your son suddenly felt OK about drawing again?

  • ~ One Love ~ ~ One Love ~ says:

    Great Picture, & I like his style. We got the exact same glasses lol. Nice style there too : ) Have a cool sunday all there.

  • Alyce Alyce says:

    Great drawing!! here’s to hoping he’s up for more!

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