A couple reasons I’m feeling blessed

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We have a lot going on right now. At the time of publication, we still haven’t received the results from Gavin’s labs drawn a few hours ago. I’m on edge and feeling like I’m losing my mind. 

Inside all the chaos, fear, worry, and heartbreak, I’m managing to focus on the blessings. 

Right now I just want to share how blessed we are to have such supportive families. I’ll only speak to our parents because they are the most actively involved and deserve to be singled out. 

Both Lizze and I have very, very supportive parents. There’s rarely a time that we’ve not been able to call them at the last minute to watch the boys when something comes up. Between our parents, we are able to get breaks from our kids that wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t there. 

Lizze and I very much appreciate everything they’ve done for us and the boys. 

When you’re raising a child with Autism, or three with Autism in our case, you need every tiny once of help you can get. Knowing we can always count on our families to step up in our hour of need, is truly a blessing. 

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