How many times can one father’s heart break? Too many. The answer is too many. 

I don’t feel really positive right now and that bothers me.  Unfortunately, the reality is that sometimes life just sucks. Life is unfair and cruel at times and it feels like Gavin has had a disproportionate amount come his way.

Gavin’s still hallucinating and frankly, things are getting worse.

He’s becoming very preoccupied with his visibly challenged group …

Gavin has been officially diagnosed with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder #CDD

It’s been a really long day and I haven’t felt like writing tonight because I’m trying to process everything. 

I was going to do a Periscope broadcast and I probably will tomorrow at some point because sometimes it’s easier to simply speak. 


I’m going to try to wrote this but my brain is sorta on overload at the …