New health concerns for 2 of my kids with #Autism 

I haven’t had the energy to catch you up on a couple of things that are causing us to be concerned, in regards to the kids. 

I’ll start with Emmett because we learned something new about his fever disorder, while we were at the immunologist the other day. 

She is the doctor that handles his fever disorder, as well as Gavin’s Immunodeficiency, everyone’s asthma and seasonal allergies. She also handles Elliott food allergies. 

When it comes to Emmett’s fever disorder, we have been chasing this thing since he was roughly a year old. 

Fever cycles consist of many different and evolving symptoms. What we refer to as a flare up, presents with mouth sores, joints that are hot to the touch, massive mood swings and sometimes a fever. These symptoms are constantly evolving and while he would previously run fevers in the range of 103°F – 104°F, lately the fevers have been low grade. 

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One of the things that was seriously looked into was the cause of his joints getting hot. 
The initial thought was juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Upon several visits with rheumatology, everything checked out. The big thing they look for is a high sed rate or erythrocyte sedimentation rate. In layman’s terms, this means rate of inflammation in his body. 

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