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We’re returning to Pediatric Neurology at the @ClevelandClinic today

Gavin has an epilepsy follow-up in Pediatric Neurology at the Cleveland Clinic this afternoon. We’ll be leaving shortly and I’m hoping that everything goes well. Today’s appointment serves as both a follow-up and a consultation. Gavin is supposed to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy on June 5th. We’re worried about how his autonomic dysfunction may …

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Is Gavin losing his vision or is something else wrong?

We have a super long day ahead of us. It begins with early morning bloodwork and getting the kids ready to spend the day at my parents house. While the boys are at my parents house, the rest of us will spending the day at the Cleveland Clinic. Gavin has a long day of testing …

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This is what’s going to happen at the @ClevelandClinic today

Here’s the game plan for today. Shortly after taking the boys to school, we have to get Gavin to Dr. Reynolds for a follow-up and to discuss how he’s doing since lowering the Clozapine dosage. The appointment is pretty early so we should be his first or second patient, meaning it won’t take all day. …

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Did you know one of my kids has #epilepsy?

This week will find us returning to the Cleveland Clinic for Gavin once again. This time it’s for an epilepsy appointment with his neurologist. He’s scheduled for a 3 hour EEG. This will hopefully give us an idea of where he is in regards to his seizure activity. Gavin has always had absence seizures and …

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Bad news

I’ve been continuing to follow up in regards to Gavin’s NeuroPsych testing scheduled for tomorrow. After a few attempts to connect with our case manager, I haven’t heard anything back. As a result, I called the Cleveland Clinic directly, checked on the status and I’m glad I did. Insurance has denied Gavin’s claim three times …

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Insurance won’t pay for Gavin’s testing

We have another issue that I haven’t spoke about yet but as the day is drawing closer, I should bring you up to speed. When Gavin saw his pediatric neurologist st the Cleveland Clinic last month, it was decided that he needed three additional appointments. The first appointment was with the Cole Eye Institute because …

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