This is what’s going to happen at the @ClevelandClinic today

Here’s the game plan for today. Shortly after taking the boys to school, we have to get Gavin to Dr. Reynolds for a follow-up and to discuss how he’s doing since lowering the Clozapine dosage. The appointment is pretty early so we should be his first or second patient, meaning it won’t take all day. 😀

On the way home, we will take Gavin for his weekly bloodwork before returning home to eat a quick lunch and then head to Cleveland for the rest of the day.

Assuming we aren’t back in time to get the boys from school, my Mom is going to pick them up and hang out with them until we get back. I’m pretty sure this is a 3 hour EEG so we likely won’t get home until dinner time and that’s assuming nothing goes wrong.

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The last EEG that Gavin had, ended up triggering his very first autonomic crisis.

I’m pretty sure we’re in better shape this time around and should something happen, he couldn’t be in a better place. I don’t expect anything unpleasant to come from this testing. We will just get a better idea of what’s going on with his brain.

It wouldn’t hurt to keep Gavin in your thoughts because it’s Gavin and we need to always expect the unexpected. With that said, thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated. ☺