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I was able to give Gavin his #Clozapine tonight

We were able to get Gavin’s Clozapine refilled today. I had to make a few calls but the script was ready for pickup at 7:30 PM tonight. That’s definitely a step ahead of what it’s been for the last few months. I’m not sure if the new process we are trying with the doctors office …

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The number one source of stress in my life right now

I’m so incredibly frustrated today because for the millionth time, the pharmacy hasn’t delivered or even filled Gavin’s Clozapine prescription. I don’t understand why this is so fucking complicated. Out of all the medications a pharmacy can fill, Clozapine is the most tightly controlled by a mile. One would think that they would have a …

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There’s way too much shit to worry about as a special needs parent

I’ve been playing a very frustrating game of phone tag with the pharmacy this afternoon. I need to make sure they either look out for a fax from the lab or call and have it faxed over because Gavin needs his refill tomorrow. I cannot stress enough that Clozapine is the most tightly controlled medication …

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This is why I get so frustrated

There are so many things we have to deal with as special needs parents. This is one reason why I get so frustrated.

My days don’t get much harder than this

It’s been the longest, most stressful day I’ve had in a long time. There are two main reasons for my current level of distress and both are related to Gavin but not his fault.

It seems Hell may just have frozen over

For the very first time in weeks, we had something happen that hasn’t happened in a long time. That something is Gavin’s Clozapine prescription being delivered on time. That’s right, Gavin’s seven day supply of Clozapine showed up on time. This is a big relief because his Clozapine is extremely time sensitive and he can’t …

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Why is this so fucking complicated?

The goddamn pharmacy didn’t get Gavin’s Clozapine filled in time for the second week in a row. This is very time sensitive and it’s in a set schedule. Gavin gets his bloodwork done on Monday or Tuesday and they pull the labs Tuesday afternoon. The script gets filled and delivered by Wednesday afternoon. It’s really …

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We had two close calls with Gavin’s meds this week

We’ve had two pretty significant issues this week, in regards to Gavin’s Clozapine and IVIG infusions. I mentioned previously that there was a issue with Gavin’s Clozapine refill and that governing body that okays Gavin’s refills has decided to make his start over. That means bloodwork every Monday and only seven days worth of pills …

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