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Gavin now needs weekly blood work

As we begin the new year, our Monday plans are already being adjusted because of the holiday. Gavin was supposed to get his labs drawn today but I’m not sure if they’ll be open because of the holiday. If they aren’t, we’ll simply have to move things to Tuesday morning. It must happen Monday or …

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We had a really close call

Yesterday afternoon, we realized that there was a problem with Gavin’s Clozapine prescription. The problem was that we never received it. Last month, for whatever reason, the pharmacy didn’t include the Clozapine in his predosed packets. Instead, they sent it out separately. Not a big deal.. Unfortunately, there was a change made to his prescription …

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This is what’s going to happen at the @ClevelandClinic today

Here’s the game plan for today. Shortly after taking the boys to school, we have to get Gavin to Dr. Reynolds for a follow-up and to discuss how he’s doing since lowering the Clozapine dosage. The appointment is pretty early so we should be his first or second patient, meaning it won’t take all day. …

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Heartbreaking: We’re seeing changes in Gavin’s behavior

I wanted to give a general update on how Gavin’s doing with the changes to his antipsychotic medication, Clozapine. It’s been a couple weeks since the dosage was reduced and I think it’s a fair time to evaluate how he’s doing since those changes. One of the biggest changes I think we’re seeing, was very …

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We haven’t noticed any changes yet

Today was the first day that Gavin’s Clozapine was reduced to 500 mg/day. Lizze and I haven’t noticed any changes yet and that’s to be expected. I believe Clozapine has a very short half-life, meaning it doesn’t linger and needs constant maintenance doses. I would expect that if we are going to see any changes in …

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We may have a very, very difficult decision to make today

In the morning, we have an emergency appointment with Dr. Reynolds, Gavin’s psychiatrist. This is an emergency appointment to decide on the future of his Schizophrenia management. This is an enormous decision because it can potentially impact the rest of his life. If we take Gavin off the Clozapine, he will never be able to …

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I have bad news about Gavin

As I shared earlier, Gavin had an appointment today with Dr.Reynolds, his psychiatrist for over an decade.  The trip to this appointment was incredibly difficult for Gavin because his bladder issues were ramped up and causing him a great deal of distress. Thankfully he made it without incident..  His appointment went as well as it …

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Bad news about Gavin :(

Here’s what’s happening with Gavin. Thoughts and prayers would be appreciated