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Depression Confession: Major progress has been made

Today begins phase 2 of my withdrawal from Paxil. I’m officially on half on my original dose and that’s progress. The first two weeks were absolutely horrible. It was like the worst case of the flu I’ve ever experienced. That lasted about a week and a half. After that misery was over the insomnia began. …

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#Depression Confessions: 3 weeks into withdrawaling from #Paxil

Today marks the first day of the last week of the first four week phase of withdrawaling from Paxil. Did you get all that? lol There are four phases of withdrawaling from Paxil. The first two are each four weeks long. The last two are two weeks each. I’m officially beginning the final week of …

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Withdrawaling from #Paxil is causing new problem

This whole withdrawaling from Paxil has been a really difficult journey thus far. The first week of tapering down felt like the worst case of the flu I’ve ever had. It lasted about a week but has since subsided. I thought I was in the clear until the next phase starts in a few weeks. …

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Depression Confession: Week 1 of Paxil withdrawal

It’s officially the beginning of the second week of withdrawal from Paxil. What I’ve been doing is taking 40 mg/day on one day and then 20 mg/day on the next. I’ve completed the first week of this four week phase and it fucking sucked. You’d think I was withdrawaling from something hardcore and illegal but …

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This is like a medication induced roller-coaster

I’ve been trying to rest for a few hours and I’m feeling a little better, thank God. This experience is interesting in the sense that these side effects seem to come and go. It’s like a roller-coaster of headaches and nausea.. There isn’t really a rhyme or reason, as far as I can tell. It’s …

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Who knew it would be this hard?

I’m officially feeling like shit. Coming off of Paxil is a fucking nightmare. I researched this for weeks before making a decision to do this and most people seemed to get really bad withdrawal symptoms. Some people can quit cold turkey and never have a problem. I’m apparently in the first category and there’s no …

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