Who knew it would be this hard?

Who knew it would be this hard?

I’m officially feeling like shit. Coming off of Paxil is a fucking nightmare. I researched this for weeks before making a decision to do this and most people seemed to get really bad withdrawal symptoms. Some people can quit cold turkey and never have a problem. I’m apparently in the first category and there’s no way to know own how you’re going to react until you do.

It feels like I have the flu. My head hurts, I’ve got the cold sweats and eating anything takes some serious effort cause the idea of food makes me want to puke.

It could absolutely be worse because I could be coming off the Paxil much faster. The slower I come off, the less likely I am to suffer really bad side effects. Assuming that what I’m going through is minimal compared to what it could be, I’m grateful as fuck that my doctor agreed to go really slow.

I still firmly believe that antidepressants are extremely important in the war against depression but when it’s time to come off of them, I suspect most people aren’t prepared for this.

I’m doing my best to power though this because it will get better in a week or two. Then a week or two later, I’ll be going through the same thing for another week or two. This will happen a total of four times because there are four phases to being completely off the Paxil.

On the positive side of things, this has absolutely killed any desire to stress eat.. ☺

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