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I need to clarify something so please give this a quick read

I wanted to take a minute and do two things. First, I want to thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown over the past few days. We all very much appreciate it. ☺ Secondly, I feel like I need to provide some clarification in regards to the pets we’ve lost over the …

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It’s been an incredibly long and heartbreaking day

I’m going to keep this super quick because I’m exhausted and if I can get the kids to fall asleep, I’m going straight to bed. It’s been a really long day, full of tears and heartache. Yesterday I shared about a very difficult decision we might be having to make in regards to Zane, one …

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My wife and I have a very difficult #Autism parenting decision to make

Lizze and I may have a difficult decision to make in the morning. As you know, our ferret Zane has been very sick. Over the last week or so, he seemed to doing better and we were all quite relieved by that. Unfortunately, we’re noticing that his back legs now seem to be partially paralyzed, …

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Sometimes we can all use a friend

I’m not quite sure how Zane is doing. I know that sounds weird but at times he seems to be doing better and other times he seems to not be doing as well as I thought. Zane isn’t contagious and has been on antibiotics for the last 5 days. We were told to keep him …

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Zane is finally showing improvement

Progress hasn’t been easy but Zane is finally doing noticeably better. We’ve figured out a way to get him to take his antibiotics that has proven largely successful. He’s better maintaining his body temperature, although we do have a space heater helping him in that area. Zane is starting to eat and drink on his …

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