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Unboxing and Review of U-Lace No-Tie-Shoelaces

It’s not very often that I become aware of a product or service that I absolutely love. In the past, it’s really only been Vivint Home and Project Lifesaver. Having said that, I was recently introduced to a company called U-Lace. They may sound familiar and that’s because you probably saw them on Shark Tank. As …

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Grocery shopping with my dudes and learning life skills

I meant to share this the other day but like many other things in my life, it’s fallen through the cracks. The other say, I took the boys to the grocery store, along with our recycled bags. I picked them up after school and went straight to Giant Eagle. Taking kids with Autism anywhere can prove …

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We survived the day and have the pictures to prove it

Today’s appointments have me completely and utterly exhausted. Everything is okay with the kids and it does appear that Elliott is dealing with a fever disorder, pending some extensive labs. I’ll fill you in on the details but while everything turned out okay, but the there were some problems. For now, here are some pictures …

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Pictures from the Butterfly Garden

I wanted to share some of the pictures I took while at the Butterfly Garden here in Canton. The Fall weather is tresting us well and I hope you enjoy the gallery.. ☺ [foogallery id=”67015″]

Wishes Can Happen Granted My Son’s Biggest Wish (All The Pictures)

I wanted to put all the pictures from our Wishes Can Happen trip to Give Kids the World in one place. People have suggested putting everything in one place because it’s easier to view them all and refer back to if need be.

Fall at the Canton Garden Center 10/14/2014 (Gallery)

I took the boys to the park today. The weather is beautiful and I wanted to take advantage of it cause everyone was feeling good. Lizze stayed back cause she’s still sick and needed her rest. It was a perfect day for pictures and I did just that.. ☺ [foogallery id=”66909″]

Our final day and the Castle of Miracles

I meant to share this the other night but our return trip didn’t go as planned and I didn’t have time. The very last thing we did at Give Kids the World Village before departing for home was to have a star for Gavin placed within the Castle of Miracles. Each wish child gets this …

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Sea World: Day 6 @GKTWVillage

They say time flies when you’re having fun and it’s true. We’ve been at Give Kids the World for six days now and we’re leaving to make our way home in the morning. On our final day here, we decided to go to Sea World. While I have some fundamental issues with Sea World, the …

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