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Sometimes we can all use a friend

I’m not quite sure how Zane is doing. I know that sounds weird but at times he seems to be doing better and other times he seems to not be doing as well as I thought. Zane isn’t contagious and has been on antibiotics for the last 5 days. We were told to keep him …

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Grocery shopping with my dudes and learning life skills

I meant to share this the other day but like many other things in my life, it’s fallen through the cracks. The other say, I took the boys to the grocery store, along with our recycled bags. I picked them up after school and went straight to Giant Eagle. Taking kids with Autism anywhere can prove …

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What life has been like since my wife moved back home

I want to share a little bit about what life has been like since my wife and I put our marriage back together and she moved home. This is important to read because what happened to us could happen to anyone, if they make the same mistakes we did.

Putting My #Autism Family Back Together: Understanding The Last 19 Months (Part One)

I’m hoping to help provide some needed insight and clarity into the last 19 month that my wife and I were separated. I want give you all a better understanding of my thought process during this period of time. In a followup post, I’ll finally explain what led to our separation, as I have a much better understanding of what happened. After this, I want to move on and move forward….

I realized something that has profoundly changed the way I look at and feel about my pending #divorce

If I were in some way able to change the past and make it so none of this had ever happened, that would come at a price that I’m unwilling to pay.

Gavin and I just rescued two beautiful baby squirrels :)

I was walking out the door to get the boys from school and I noticed a very young baby squirrel crawling around in my front garden.  It’s eyes were still closed and I soon noticed another tiny baby as well.  They were not going to survive because they were barely able to walk and one …

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