Sea World: Day 6 @GKTWVillage

They say time flies when you’re having fun and it’s true. We’ve been at Give Kids the World for six days now and we’re leaving to make our way home in the morning.

On our final day here, we decided to go to Sea World.

While I have some fundamental issues with Sea World, the kids may never have a chance to experience something like this again. The Sea World close to us is no longer open and honestly, having seen the documentary Blackfish, I’m not too upset about that.

This was actually the first sunny day we’ve had since arriving here in the sunshine state. lol

Not only was it sunny, it was hot and humid as well. The boys were not liking the weather at all. We did manage to make it all the way through the park. The only thing we didn’t stick around for was Shamu. It was just too hot and the kids wanted to return to our condo, spending the rest of the day in the Village.

Before leaving though, we spent a great deal of time with the sting rays.

Emmett loves sting rays and always has. I’m not sure why he’s so into them but being able to reach into the pool and touch them, absolutely made him light up. We all got to hand feed them and it was amazing…. ☺

I think that was by far, everyone’s favorite exhibit at Sea World.

While I don’t like their captive orca program, the rest of the park is an amazing experience. I remember going to Sea World when I was in grade school. We actually went there for a field trip at the end of the school year.

I’m absolutely exhausted and while I’d love to just crash for the night, I’m helping Lizze make sure we are packed and ready to go in the morning. While I love it here, I really want to be home, and get Maggie out of the kennel. I actually miss our house and unsafe neighborhood. I miss our pets and my amazing Casper mattress. OMG do I miss my mattress.

I could totally live here though. We unanimously decided that we all would like to live in Florida, specifically Kissimmee. Pretty much everything is the second price as it is in Ohio, with the huge exception of housing. It’s way too expensive to rent anything down here.

I could totally live in our condo. ☺

Below are about one hundred pictures from our Day 6 adventures..

[foogallery id=”66683″]

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