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My brain is fried and my heart is broken

If there are any grammar errors, I’ll fix them in the morning.  I can’t keep my eyes open and I’m going to bed.   I’m going to try and sum up everything as best I can.  If this doesn’t make sense to anyone, please know my brain is fried and my heart is broken. I’m …

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Gavin’s not been feeling well lately

Recently, Gavin’s been complaining of stomach aches and nausea. Yesterday morning, he wouldn’t even eat breakfast because of this.  Gavin is very motivated by food.  He plans his life around breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Anyone that knows Gavin would probably not even believe me if I said Gavin didn’t want to eat breakfast.  I don’t …

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Very important background on Gavin’s physical and emotional health

For all those new to our story and even those who may need a refresher course, I thought this might help put Gavin’s situation into perspective

A major update about my overall physical and emotional health (part 2)

I mentioned in the previous post, that some changes are being made to my treatment plan and I wanted to explain because I feel it’s really important that we speak openly about things like Depression, as there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

A major update about my overall physical and emotional health (part 1)

I was put on a Zocor, which is a statin. With diet and exercise, statins can help bring ones numbers back in check.

There was good news and bad news today

Fevers are popping up again and someone isn’t going to be in school tomorrow now because of it.. Here’s how today went. The good. The bad…

Gavin’s has me more and more concerned

I’m getting concerned about Gavin. While he’s still doing really well, he’s also cognitively slipping. I’m not sure how to really as plain what I mean… Okay, let’s try this..  Gavin’s current level of functioning is lower than it was 3 months ago. It’s still relatively subtle but I’m noticing things throughout the day that …

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