An important Gavin update 

There are too many thing to talk about with Gavin anymore, but I will briefly touch on how he’s doing overall. 

Gavin’s such a good kid. He tries so hard at everything in life and unfortunately, he’s struggling. We’re seeing more and more regression lately. Things like memory (especially short term), simple tasks and even walking have become …

DON’T MISS: Important Update on Elliott and Emmett

It’s time to play a little game called catch up. When we met with Dr. Reynolds last week, we also made some decisions about Elliott and Emmett. Unfortunately, I got tunnel vision with all that was happening to Gavin that I never got around to this. 

After speaking with Dr. Reynolds about both Elliott and Emmett, it was decided that we would …

Feeling Blessed: I have absolutely amazing news

Today was one of those rare occasions where it seemed like everything went in our favor. That’s because it has in many ways.  There were some really amazing things that happened today and while I’ll save the rest for another time, I want to focus on the most important one.  

Gavin had his bloodwork done today and I almost forgot to call …

This morning was all centered around Gavin and medication changes

The boys got off to school after a rough morning. Afterwards, I took Gavin to get him bloodwork done for this week. He has bloodwork done every single Friday, in order to get refills of the Clozapine. 

Normally he’s in and out but there was a pretty decent wait today. Regardless, Gavin did a really good job and I’m super …

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