Gavin’s has me more and more concerned

I’m getting concerned about . While he’s still doing really well, he’s also cognitively slipping. I’m not sure how to really as plain what I mean…

Okay, let’s try this.. 

Gavin’s current level of functioning is lower than it was 3 months ago. It’s still relatively subtle but I’m noticing things throughout the day that are concerning. He’s unable to perform more than one or two step tasks at a time. Even with that, he’s often either not finishing or simply forgets what he’s supposed to be doing. 

He fell going up the stairs today because he was trying to take 2 or 3 steps at a time, even after I reminded him not to. 

I seeing a great deal of impulsivity, where he’s acting before he thinks. 

Originally, both myself and his therapist suspected he might be hitting a phase but his behavior doesn’t seem to fit what a manic phase has historically been like for him. 

I know this sounds terrible but he very much in a place where it’s think to breathe. 

It’s totally not his fault and he’s frustrated with his cognitive struggles because they are impeding his everyday life. 

I really hate seeing any of my kids struggling and Gavin’s had way more than his fair share of challenges. 

On the bright side, he’s still doing really well and making good choices. That’s enough to brighten any day..

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  • JoshuasMom

    Regressions are ao hard aren’t they? Watching them struggle to master something only to have it slip away again. I’m glad you stay so positive for him.

  • JoshuasMom It’s really tough for me because was one of those rare cases where he developed typically and then one day, we put him to bed and he woke up a different person. He’s still doing amazing and thats what I focus on.

  • Kay Elliott

    I’m with you brother…meds are not so good

  • aspiesmom

    Abilify and Fluoxetine have been great stabilizers, “miracle drugs”, for my ADULT son
    (I don’t recommend anything for minors, that’s for a doctor/psychiatrist to judge) 😉