My youngest just hit double digits

My youngest just hit double digits

Our day was fairly nonstop and I didn’t get a chance to post this eariler. Better late than never.

Emmett turned 10 years old today and he had a great birthday. We try to plan far enough in advance that we can pull things off. Anyway, Emmett is obsessed with Nerf Guns and he got what he calls the ultimate Nerf Gun today. Apparently, we did good.

We had a busy but mostly low key day.

We decided to celebrate his birthday in the early afternoon. It was pretty simple but it made him happy and that always feels good. We had ice cream cake before he opened his birthday presents.

There were a few appointments this afternoon but we were done about dinner time. I cooked a couple pizzas and we settled in to watch Rampage. Emmett was in heaven and actually really emotional throughout the movie. I guess he really liked George, the giant albino gorilla and George goes through some hard times in the movie. He’s such a sweet kid.

It was a good day here in The Autism Dad household.

Emmett is such an amazing kid and we love him to the moon and back. I’m so grateful to be a part of his life and he makes me a better person.

Happy Birthday Emmett.. ☺ 💙

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Tilting at Dragons

So… 11?

Becky Wiren

Happy 10th birthday, Emmett! They grow up too fast. Mind are adults!

Kim gebhardt

I’m so glad that Emmett had a good birthday. That’s so important at that age. I thought of something when you mentioned his age- did you hold the boys back a year when starting school? Or are they in higher grades than I’m thinking? I thought they were going into 4th and 6th grades like my friend’s daughters, but her daughters are a year younger than the Es.

Kim gebhardt

Oh wow. Look at me a year behind!

Sounds like a good day! I have 4 boys one who is autistic and 25 now (yikes). They all loved ne…

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