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What happens when you have not one but two IEP meetings in a row? 

Putting aside all of the heartbreaking events from the first part of this week, Lizze and I had to focus our attention elsewhere today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything super fun.  We spent the late morning, early afternoon knee deep in IEP meetings. You heard me right. Meetings,  as in more than one.  O_o It’s not …

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We just left Urgent Care: Here’s what’s going on with Gavin

We just got home from Urgent Care and I’m finally able to finish this post before having to get the boys from school. Here’s what is going on with Gavin and what is being done about it at this time..

Major update and follow up to Tuesday’s IEP meeting

Here’s a major update and follow up to Tuesday’s IEP meeting. This explains what we figured out and how we will proceed going forward. I also share my thought process behind my decisions..

Here’s my initial reaction to today’s IEP meeting

I wanted to share my take away from this meeting. In the next post, I’ll share what we’re going to be doing to address these issues and why we’re taking this particular approach.

Both IEP meetings are done

Just finished up my IEP meeting for the day and I can safely say that my brain is fried. I’ll explain what happened later on in the day but for now, everything went well.  There are a few things that need to be noted but I’ll explain later.  I’m going walking to clear my cluttered …

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I have two IEP meetings this morning O_o

Anyone who’s ever had to attend an IEP meeting before will absolutely feel my pain when I say that I have two IEP meetings in the morning.   I don’t really have anything else to say on the matter because you’ll either get my grief or you won’t.