We just left Urgent Care: Here’s what’s going on with Gavin

Gavin was seen by the doctor, who really took her time and made sure she had a grasp on all that is Gavin. She ordered a chest x-ray and throat culture.  He’s lung sounds were clear but she just wanted to be sure, due to his history. 

The good news is that his lungs are clean and the strep test came back negative. 

Because of his compromised immune system, she put him on a broad spectrum antibiotic for 10 days.  While I’m not a proponent of antibiotics for everything, in his case it’s a smart move and here’s why.

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Let’s say that what Gavin has is a virus and antibiotics don’t work on viruses.  So why would he be on them then?


The reason is because Gavin’s defunct immune system is trying to defeat the virus and that makes him even weaker than normal and even more susceptible to secondary infections.  The antibiotics are covering that angle so his body can focus on the virus. 

Does that make sense? I’m really tired and might not have explained that correctly but I think it makes sense…

I’ve already spoken to his Mom and explained everything.  I spoke to his grandmother via email as well because I know she worries.. ☺

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At this point, there’s not much else that can be done. 

I did learn that there might be a safety issue with giving Gavin Advil because he’s on high dose Lithium.. That’s something I need to check into but for now, I’ll switch to Tylenol instead….

Let me just say that this kid just freaks me out sometimes.  I worry (sometimes too much) a great deal because his health is so unpredictable…  Thankfully, this seems to be something that just needs to run its course and hopefully, tomorrow’s IVIG infusion will be the final nail in the coffin of whatever is making him sick.. ☺

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  1. Kim Gebhardt

    That’s interesting about the ibuprofen and lithium. Did they say why there was a contraindication? I’ve been on Warfarin for the past 7 months and wasn’t allowed to take ibuprofen and it was hell. Acetaminophen doesn’t work as well for me; hopefully Gavin doesn’t have that issue.

    Hope the antibiotics help out and he’s feeling better soon.

    1. With Warfarin, you would have to avoid anything else that things your blood. With Gavin, I’m understanding that it can raise the level of Lithium in his blood. It wouldn’t be a huge deal but Gavin’s on high dose and probably already straddles that line between okay and Lithium toxicity.. Someone on Facebook shared that with me because her son is on high dose Lithium as well…

      Thanks for the well wishes… Hopefully he’ll kick this viruses butt in no time.. ☺

      1. Kim Gebhardt

        I knew that about the blood thinning. The list of foods I wasn’t allowed to eat was ridiculous. I was taken off it yesterday and hopefully won’t have to go back on it.

        How is Gavin feeling now? Has his temperature come down any? What about his headache?

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