Major Update

Major Update

As I’ve said before, the decision as to whether or not we should push our trip back was between us and the wish organization. I also mentioned that we were going to wait until the end of this week to make a final decision on anything.

I spoke with the organization this morning and the place we’re staying is back up and running.

We know that Disney is up and running already. What we didn’t know is whether or not the other places are going to be in service. That is being looked into this morning, and assuming everything checks out, we will be good to go for the end of this month.

Lizze and I are good with this. We had our concerns, we discussed them with the people who have direct knowledge of where we’re going and we feel much better now.

There will still be places around us without power but it’s mostly residential, which shouldn’t impact us.

I feel compelled to one again explain how this blog works. Many times, what you’re reading is me trying to work through something or even my initial reaction to a problem. This by no means represents a final thought or decision.

I was sharing my concerns about the trip and until we heard from the people with first hand knowledge of everything, I was worried about what to do.

As it stands, we’re waiting to hear back about the other areas we’re supposed to visit, and if all checks out, we will be leaving at the end of the month.

Take it or leave it, but if you’re reading this blog, you have to understand and accept that sometimes, I’m trying to work things out as I go. This approach is one of the things that has made me so successful at writing. I’m transparent and allow people to gain an inside look at how I make work through things and ultimately make a decision.

Perhaps that isn’t always clear to everyone but I’ve been writing this way for the better part of ten years and it’s not likely to change.

It’s important to try and view things within the proper context.

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