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Major Update: All about Gavin 

We have a lot of catching up to do in regards to Gavin. Now that the server is up and running, I can finally do that. Gavin had his immunologist appointment yesterday. He did really well on the trip up and back. Sometimes he struggles in the car but he did great. We met with …

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Gavin had a major diagnosis change today

Gavin and I met with Dr. Reynolds this morning. Lizze wasn’t feeling well and was resting up so she would be better when the kids got home from school. Sometimes we have to divide and conquer.  Today’s appointment was basically supposed to be a followup, because we had discontinued the Lithium last month. Dr. Reynolds …

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The painful truth about my son’s condition

I’ve been working on this update for a little while but haven’t been able to keep my thoughts together. If you take one thing away from this entry, let it be that I’m very worried about Gavin. Lizze and I both are very worried about Gavin.  Let me begin with the fact that Gavin’s heartbroken. …

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Major Update: We saw the psychiatrist today

Many things have happened today but in this entry, I want to focus on what is arguably the most pivotal.  I spoke previously about Gavin having his Lithium dose cut in half, with the potential of being totally removed in the near future. The near future has arrived and we met with Dr. Reynolds this …

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MASSIVE UPDATE: Heartbreak and a few other things

As we close out another stressful day in world of special needs parenting, I thought I would touch base on how the day went.  We know that Emmett didn’t make it to school. Rather, he made it to school but not out of the car. It was one of those sensory days where he was …

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MAJOR UPDATE: Here’s what’s going on with my wife

There’s a part of me that’s still getting used to my wife and I being back together, in regards to my writing anyway. I don’t often include her in my writing because I got so used to avoiding any mentions while we were separated for almost two years. This is a problem, and I mean …

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