A MAJOR Gavin update

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It’s been almost five days since we lowered Gavin’s Clozapine to 500 mg/day. Aside from Gavin incessantly talking, I haven’t noticed any changes in his behaviors. His Schizophrenic symptoms haven’t changed for better or worse.

The only things we’ve been hearing about are body aches and vision problems, but those shouldn’t have enough anything to do with this particular change in medication.

To be honest, I’d be comfortable dropping him down again before we leave for Florida. We’re still going to wait but I don’t foresee there being any changes in anything once we do.

As I’m thinking about this, the only other concern we have taken place prior to any of these changes.

On Tuesday night, Gavin briefed Dr Pattie and I on his latest mission. According to Gavin, he was taking a bath, when he felt an evil presence. Turned out to be the Skelton King. He, along with the Elements of Harmony, ended up having to battle him in order to foil his evil plans.

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I know that sounds bad enough but that’s not the concerning part.

The concerning part is that Gavin sensed the Skelton King’s presence, while on this side of the portal.

Let me explain the portal.

The doorway to Gavin’s bedroom is a magic portal that transports him to base, located inside the head of the Super Robot. The portal only teleports Gavin, meaning if we walk into his room, we’re walking into his room. The portal also serves to prevent the evil forces of Eggman, the Skelton King and a ton of other bad guys from entering into our world.

Think of the portal as something that helps Gavin separate what’s real and what’s a Schizophrenic hallucination.

It’s concerning that Gavin was able to detect the Skelton King’s presence, while on this side of the portal. Until that happened, these two worlds have mostly been kept separate, at least as far as the evil bad guys are concerned.

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Gavin brings his crew of good guys with him wherever he goes and has for a long time. What we don’t want is the bad guys bleeding over into this side of the portal because that’s not a good thing and could be a sign of him becoming paranoid.

The only thing worse in terms of symptom management, than being Schizophrenic is being a Paranoid Schizophrenic.

If history is an accurate indication of how this is going to progress, it’s likely that he will become increasingly more paranoid over time. That’s certainly not predetermined, it’s just a best guess based on how everything goes else has gone with him over the years.