I’m so proud of Gavin :)

I wanted to share something really amazing with you all. 

Gavin’s come a very long way over the last year and a half and I wanted to tell you about his latest progress. 


A few weeks ago, Gavin started physical therapy.  I went with him the first few times, until he was comfortable with everything. 

The past two appointments, I’ve waited in the car while he goes in, checks himself in and has his therapy session. 

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When he’s done, he returns to the car. 

I was nervous about this at first but he’s assured me that he’s 16 years old now and he wants to do this on his own.  How cool is that?

I’ll check in from time to time with his therapist but this is just really awesome to see Gavin being this independent.  I couldn’t be any prouder of him than I can right now..  ☺

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  1. ShandiB

    It awesome to hear about young individual’s who push themselves to strive for personal independence. Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders, he must have a good role model 🙂

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