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I’ve spent the morning murdering tags

It’s been awhile since I’ve had to do this but this morning, Emmett began freaking out about the tag in his winter coat. For some reason, after all this time, he’s taken notice of it. After the coat, I was then tasked with removing a tiny tag from the bottom… Read more »

I had to tell my son he’s NOT a failure

I’ve been working with Emmett on wearing his new pants. It’s not been an easy journey but I will cautiously say that we might be making a baby step forward. ☺ For those new to the party, Emmett is our 9 year old with Autism and significant Sensory Processing issues…. Read more »

Don’t count your blessings before they put their pants on

I’m going to keep this short because I’m already spent and it’s not even lunchtime. Unfortunately, this morning didn’t quite go as planned when it came to Emmett and his brand new pants. In fact, it went the opposite of who I was hoping it would go. Emmett woke up… Read more »

Many people will take for granted that their kids wear clothes, but not this #Autism Dad

It’s been a roller-coaster day here in The Autism Dad household. We started the say off with a bang or rather an enormous meltdown (see Autism Parenting Confessions: Does anyone else ever feel like giving up but won’t?). It’s wasn’t fun. Poor Emmett couldn’t tolerate his clothes and there was… Read more »

Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder in laymen’s terms

Sensory issues are probably, hands down that most frustrating part of being an Autism parent, at least for me. For those unfamiliar with what I’m referring to when I say sensory issues, let me explain. Sensory processing disorder is a condition that is very common is both kids and adults… Read more »

That was a fucking disaster 

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Nothing with Emmett went well this morning. All of the clothes we had picked out and he pre-approved would work. Shorts were too small or too big. Either the seams or the buttons irritated him.  His shorts felt weird and so did his pants.  All of these things led to… Read more »

#Autism Parenting: Some days are worse than others

We had a really challenging day. Rather, Emmett had a very challenging day, and subsequently, so did the rest of us.  Any parent would gladly take away their child’s burden and shoulder it themselves, but when it comes to Autism, there’s no possibility of that. No matter what we do,… Read more »