Can you relate to this 1 major challenge of #Autism Parenting? 

I find it incredibly difficult to ensure that my kids with Autism maintain a balanced diet. For that matter, I have such a hard time simply getting my kids to eat anything.

We are very much a sensory oriented family and that presents many obstacles for me as a parent. The biggest being how unbelievably sensitive my …

Anything related to food is so stressful for my #Autism family 

Between food allergies, sensory issues and a really modest budget, the whole topic of food is something that is a major source of stress and anxiety for me. 

There used to be times where I could make one meal for dinner and everyone would eat it, for the most part anyway.  

As the kids have gotten older, things …

How many of you have children with feeding problems?

There are so many challenges facing parents of kids with Autism, that it’s truly amazing how much they accomplish, especially when you gain a better understanding of challenges themselves.

Some challenges are more difficult than others but few are as taxing as feeding issues.

Many kids with Autism have sensory processing challenges as well.  Sensory related food proclivities are …

Getting my kids with #Autism to eat is so difficult

Lately, it’s been more difficult than ever to get Emmett to eat or drink anything.  I really try to accommodate his needs but it’s not easy or cheap. 


This goes way beyond picky eating and is sensory related, not to be confused with a child being difficult.

I did get Emmett to eat some sausage tonight and that’s pretty much …