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Good News :) 

Gavin seems to be doing a little better now.  The meds have kicked in and he’s moving around without wanting to puke his guts out.  This is good news, as the title to this post states.   I’m making him take it easy for now because I don’t want him to over do it and …

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Meltdowns, Bouncing and Think to Breathe Mode

OMG….  The boys are so hyper today and are literally bouncing off of any surface they can. Elliott didn’t sleep much last night because his bed had been vandalized by Maggie.  See the previous post for this crazy story and the video to prove it. The level of sensitive that Elliott possesses is such that …

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Proof that Autism Awareness does work – Check This Out

Whenever I doubt that the world will ever truly become Autism Aware or that my efforts make a difference, something comes out of left field and renews my faith in humanity. I’ve decided to start sharing some of the many messages I get from people all over the world. Normally I keep these private because …

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Test post 2

Test post

This #Autism Dad slept most of the morning and that’s okay

Sleep is so important and chronic sleep deprivation is a huge problem issue facing special needs parents.

Are my kids with #Autism spoiled? Hell no, I just pick my battles

“…. What people don’t realize is that if I allowed them to get their way, it would never stop. My kids generalize the shit out of everything and if they think they can push me until I give in, I will never see the end of it……”

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