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It was another sleepless night for this Dad

It was a rough night last night.  While the boys slept through most of it, I couldn’t sleep until 4am because I was too congested.  Lizze was unable to sleep as well but ended up falling asleep on the couch.  I’m totally dragging today.  Thankfully, there are only a few appointments today and nothing else …

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A heartbreaking update on Gavin 

Gavin had his IVIG infusion tonight and seems to have done better this time around. He went to bed feeling fine but he’s not been sleeping well. I’ve been watching him sit up in bed, stand up, sit back down and go back to bed.  He’s done this a few times tonight and I have …

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Maggie just got into a fight with a massive raccoon

I just let Maggie outside and not two seconds after she hit the porch, something came walking up the steps.  Maggie was gone and all I heard this really loud growling.   Next thing I know, Maggie’s going absolutely crazy and she’s in a fight with something.   I ran into the house to grab …

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We spent the afternoon in the gorgeous weather 

Elliott was really upset when Emmett went with grandma and he had to wait until tomorrow.  If there’s one thing that many kids on the Autism Spectrum struggle with, it’s waiting.   I spent some time this afternoon resting cause I wasn’t feeling well. It came out of nowhere but was gone as fast as …

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Well that was unexpected 

We had a nice little surprise today.  My Mom called and wanted to come by to pick up Emmett.  She thought they could spend the day together and play boardgames, which is something Emmett loves to do.   She wants to take Elliott tomorrow and spend the day doing crafts like he loves to do. …

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Good News :) 

Gavin seems to be doing a little better now.  The meds have kicked in and he’s moving around without wanting to puke his guts out.  This is good news, as the title to this post states.   I’m making him take it easy for now because I don’t want him to over do it and …

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